Church Life

In order to promote fellowship and discipleship and pastoral care, we have geographically-based LIFEgroups that meet across Reading on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month, in different homes. A primary purpose of the LIFEgroups is that we share our lives with one another.

In the LIFEgroups, we study the Bible together, thinking through the meaning of God’s Word and applying it to ourselves personally and corporately as a church. The Bible studies are discussional and we encourage active participation. We also do some training in the LIFEgroups e.g. on evangelism, on witness in the workplace, and on mission. We give time in the LIFEgroups for people to chat together socially, to build friendships, to share concerns, and to pray for one another. We encourage people to meet up outside the LIFEgroup meetings and to provide practical help and support to one another. An elder is assigned to each LIFEgroup to provide pastoral oversight and to support the LIFEgroup leaders.


We currently have 9 LIFEgroups:
Reading West
Reading South
Reading East


For further details about LIFEgroups please contact David Magowan