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    • Service Booking

      You’re still welcome, but due to Covid-19 restrictions, we’re asking people to pre-book for our Sunday services.

    • Can I really keep going as a christian?

      Do you think the Christian faith may be true, but not sure you could live up to it? Join us at 10:30am, 29th November as David shows what the Bible says about this important question!

    • Suffering: How could a good God allow it?

      Why does God allow sufferring?

    • Sam’s story

      Hear Sam speak about how his Christian faith impacts his work as a scientist, and every area of his life!

    • Carey Kids – online

      Click here to go to our Carey Kids YouTube playlist, kept up to date with Bible lessons, memory verses, videos for toddlers and more!

    • Students

      Coming to Reading? All students very welcome.


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