• Three Questions With Carey

    Over the summer of 2021 Carey released three short videos! Each video asks someone three simple questions. Three answers that will give you an insight into us, but far more importantly, into the God we know.

  • Mental Health Resources

    Watch our mental health event and see more resources here.

  • Hope and Truth at Easter

    Listen to Sharon and John talk about the hope they have, even in hard circumstances, because Jesus Christ is alive!

  • Help with Shame

    Listen to Steph speak of her experience of shame, as well as the difference knowing Jesus can make.

  • What is Christianity?

    Who is Jesus? A prophet with a new teaching? A healer to the sick? A saviour to a lost world?

  • War! What Is It There For?

    We all know religion causes war, right?

  • A New Life, A New Hope - Jon's Story

    Hear how Jon went from #atheism to #Christianity, and the differences it has made in his life.

  • Liz's Story - Even in Grief

    "If your philosophy of life has nothing to say at the graveside, it has nothing to say at all."

  • Suffering: How could a good God allow it?

    Why does God allow suffering?

  • Amit's story

    Take three minutes to hear Amit talk about coming to know Jesus, the challenge that presented, and what makes faith in Jesus totally different to any other religion.

  • How Can We Know Peace?

    Listen as Katherine speaks about the universal longing for peace, and how Jesus meets that need for all who come to him.

  • Georgie's story

    Hear what Georgie has to say about the sure hope she is able to have, despite the strangeness of the first year of her daughter Cassie's life.