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March 2018

2018-03-25 am

Majestic Meekness

Matthew 21:1-11

David Magowan


2018-03-18 am

Sin is serious

Matthew 8:1-9

James Muldoon




2018-03-18 pm

Trust and obey

Numbers 20

Richard Baxter



2018-03-11 pm


Numbers 16:1-50

James Muldoon



2018-03-11 am

Mustard seed faith

Matthew 17:14-27

David Magowan




2018-03-04 am

Mission Sunday: The joy of discipleship

Matthew 10:1-42

Mark Pickett



2018-03-04 pm

Mission Sunday: Standing in the gap

Exodus 32-33

Mark Pickett



February 2018

2018-02-25 am

Evangelistic: Like a Little Child

Matthew 18:1-4

James Muldoon




2018-02-25 pm

An imperishable salvation

1 Peter 1:1-25

Charles Hart



2018-02-18 pm

A straying heart

Deuteronomy 1:19-46

David Magowan




2018-02-18 am

Mountaintop Experience

Matthew 17:1-13

David Howe




2018-02-16 Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving for the life of Mary Lewin

Romans 8:25-29

James Muldoon



2018-02-11 pm

A new creation

2 Corinthians 5:17

James Muldoon



2018-02-11 am

Taking up your cross

Matthew 16:21-28

David Magowan




2018-02-04 am

Peter's declaration

Matthew 16:13-20

James Muldoon




2018-02-04 pm

Trouble close to home

Numbers 12

David Magowan



2018-02-01 Midweek Study

The Christian Institute meeting: Giving an answer





January 2018

2018-01-28 pm

Evangelistic: Christianity? Why bother with that?

Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

James Muldoon



2018-01-28 am

Signs of the times

Matthew 15:29-16:12

David Magowan




2018-01-21 am

Dogged Determination

Matthew 15:21-28

James Muldoon




2018-01-21 pm

Be careful what you wish for

Numbers 11:1-35

David Magowan



2018-01-14 pm

If only guidance were this easy today!

Numbers 9:15-23

James Muldoon



2018-01-14 am

Clean and unclean

Matthew 15:1-20

David Magowan




2018-01-07 am

Why the word matters so much

Deuteronomy 8:1-10

James Muldoon




2018-01-07 pm

Devoted to prayer

Colossians 4:2-6

David Magowan



December 2017

2017-12-31 am

All Age Service: A great feast

Luke 14:12-24

Nigel Tomsett



2017-12-31 pm

Pressing on

Philippians 3:1-14

David Magowan




2017-12-25 am

Christmas Morning: He made himself nothing

Philippians 2:1-11

David Magowan



2017-12-24 am

King - or not?

Matthew 2:1-12

James Muldoon



2017-12-24 pm

The Word became flesh

John 1:1-18

David Magowan




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