Something for Everyone

The men from Carey meet on a regular basis. We have games evenings, curry nights and breakfasts, as well as a few one off events such as go-karting.

The aim of the men’s ministry is ‘Increased holiness and spiritual effectiveness via quality relationships with other Christian men’. Therefore, when we meet, the occasions are tailored to allow us to get to know each other better.

Events are relaxed, centred around an activity, with plenty of time to chat. Often there will be a short talk on a subject relevant to men, such as work/family balance, fatherhood, biblical manhood, leadership, etc.

We believe that we need each other in order to grow in holiness. As we grow in holiness, we become more spiritually effective, as God uses us and helps us, and so should be better leaders, businessmen, husbands, fathers, gospel communicators, etc.


If you have any questions about the men’s ministry, please email

Catch Up

Listen to the talk from a men’s breakfast by David Potter.

"It’s great to have dedicated men’s events – we have good times together for fun, making new friends and deepening relationships." - Julian