Sunday Services

Everything is a little different at the moment due to COVID-19, so if you’d like to know what facilities we’re offering at the moment please email the church office.


We run a creche and Sunday School during the service which children are welcome to join.

The children will be told when to go to these activities during the first part of the Sunday morning service.


Our creche is for children ages 0-3. You are welcome to stay in the creche with your child or to leave them in our care and we will discretely come and find you in the service if your child becomes unhappy. The children will be told when to go to these activities during the first part of the Sunday morning service. (Our creche helpers are DBS checked)

Sunday School Groups – Ages 3-12

Our Sunday School has 3 groups that meet during the morning service and we all start by joining the adults in the service and then usually leave following the children’s talk.

  • Sunday School Beginners – For children aged between 3 and 6 years. We sing songs, learn verses from the Bible, pray and then we have a Bible story. We like colouring and drawing on our activity leaflets.
  • Sunday School – For children aged between 6 and 11 years (up to the end of school year 6). We meet outside the church building and then walk around to the Carey Centre. We sing, learn verses from the Bible, pray and sometimes have quizzes. We then go into smaller classes for our Bible story. We do an activity sheet based on our story and then we get to play some games as we wait to be picked up by our parents. Sometimes we have coffee and cake afterwards for our parents to chat to each other and the teachers. Our teachers use the GO Teach material for our talks and so do the Sunday School Beginners teachers.
  • Sunday School + – For children in school year 7 and 8. We like to chat and discuss things. We learn what it is to be a Christian and how to follow Jesus at school and at home. Towards the end of the year we get ready for joining the morning services and our leaders help us do this. We learn what a church is for and what happens in a service. We get help learning to listen to sermons and then we join the morning service, normally at the end of school year 8.


YPXtra is for young people in Years 10 to 13. We meet after most – but not all – Sunday evening services either in the chapel, or at the home of one of the church pastors or ministry trainees. We start at 8:15ish and finish at 9:30ish. We spend time talking and eating, and we typically chew over the sermons we’ve heard during the day.


To find out more about the children’s groups, please email Sian: