Foundations of Faith

Evening Service

Make Every Effort

Sept – Oct 2018

Morning Service

A short series from 2 Peter...

Titus (2018)

May – July 2018

Evening Service

Biblical Parenting

April 2018

Morning Service

A short series of sermons on the Biblical view of parenting & family....

The life of Moses after Exodus

Jan – May 2018

Evening Service

Studies in Numbers and Deuteronomy following the life of Moses after the exodus....

Dangers facing Christians today

Sept – Dec 2017

Evening Service

A series on advice on how to deal with the various dangers facing Christians in the West today....

The five solae

Sept – Oct 2017

Evening Service

A series looking at the five theological convictions that the reformers came to after studying God's word....

The life of Joseph

April – July 2017

Evening Service

Studies in the life of Joseph preached between April & July 2017. Genesis 37 - 50...


March 2017 – Ongoing

Morning Service

2 Thessalonians

Jan – March 2017

Evening Service

The sermon on the mount

Sept 2016 – March 2017

Morning Service


May – June 2016

Morning Service

1 Thessalonians

April – August 2016

Evening Service

The Carey Covenant

Jan – April 2016

Morning Service

Exploring the Biblical basis for the Carey covenant and the promises made in it....

The God of Isaac and Jacob

Sept 2015 – Jan 2016

Morning Service

The fruit of the Spirit

2015 – 2016

Morning Service

James Chapter 1

July – Aug 2015

Morning Service


May – Dec 2015

Evening Service


April – July 2015

Morning Service

A practical series on emotions such as anger, envy, repentance, depression, guilt and anxiety, from a biblical point of view, looking at some of the Psalms. Find out what answers Christianity has to offer us in dealing with these powerful emotions....


Jan – March 2015

Evening Service


Nov – Dec 2014

Morning Service


Sept – Nov 2014

Morning Service


Sept – Nov 2014

Evening Service

In the beginning

April – July 2014

Evening Service

Series on Genesis 1-3...


Jan – April 2014

Evening Service

The Church on the move

Jan – March 2014

Morning Service


Sept – Nov 2013

Morning Service

The Gospel in our culture

Sept 2013

Holidays / Weekends

3 addresses given by John Stevens over the weekend 14/15 Sep 2013...

2 Timothy

May – Sept 2013

Morning Service


Jan 2013 – March 2015

Evening Service


Jan – Nov 2013

Morning Service

Making disciples

Oct – Dec 2012

Evening Service


Sept – Oct 2012

Evening Service

Are there times when you are upset and angry at the evil and injustice you see? Do you sometimes wonder why God hasn̢...

Studies in Numbers (Summer 2012)

August 2012

Morning Service

Real Lives

Feb 2012


Stories of drama, tragedy, hope, and faith. Interviews with a number of guests who talk about how God changed their lives...

Church: Joining up the Dots

Nov – Dec 2011

Morning Service

What should church be like? ...A worshipping church, a witnessing church, a welcoming church, a working church. Joining up the dots to get a better picture of what God is calling the church to be like....

Revelation: Who's in control?

Sept 2011 – July 2012

Evening Service

We decode the rich imagery and symbolism in the book of Revelation, to give a glimpse into the throne room of heaven, the control room of the universe. Discover encouragements to keep on going in the tough times as a Christian, and challenges to respond to the One in charge....

Emotions in the Psalms

Sept – Oct 2011

Morning Service

Ephesians: God's glorious grace

July 2011 – Dec 2012

Morning Service

2 and 3 John: Walking in truth, obedience and love

June – July 2011

Evening Service

God: the Holy Spirit

May – July 2011

Morning Service

A practical topical series on the Holy Spirit, looking at who the Spirit is, what he does, and what Spiritual gifts are....

Isaiah 40-66

Sept 2010 – Feb 2011

Evening Service


May – August 2010

Evening Service

A short series on prayer... what, why, how, when and where?...


Feb – April 2010

Morning Service

Strange saviours

June 2009

Morning Service

What the Bible says about...


Evening Service


Jan 2009 – Jan 2011

Morning Service


Jan – June 2009

Evening Service


Sept – Nov 2008

Evening Service


July – October 2008

Morning Service

Luke: Walking with Jesus

June 2008 – April 2011

Evening Service

Walk with Jesus and meet a new way of doing things. A series following Jesus' birth to his death and ressurrection, as recorded by Luke....


March – June 2008

Morning Service


March – April 2008

Morning Service


Jan – May 2008

Evening Service

Isaiah 1-12

Sept – Dec 2007

Evening Service

Things Christians Struggle With

July – Aug 2007

Evening Service


March 2007 - March 2008

Morning Service

1 Timothy

March – Sept 2007

Midweek Meeting

The Church

Jan – April 2007

Morning Service


Nov – Dec 2006

Morning Service


July 2006 – July 2007

Evening Service


June – July 2006

Evening Service


Jan – April 2006

Evening Service


Aug – Sept 2005

Evening Service


March – July 2005

Evening Service


Jan 2005 – Nov 2006

Morning Service


Nov 2004 – March 2005

Evening Service


July – Oct 2004

Evening Service


July 2004 – Jan 2005

Morning Service


July 2004

Evening Service

The days of Noah

Jan – April 1994

Morning Service

Preached by Jonathan Stephen...