John Lewis Ad Parody – The realistic version!

You’ve seen Buster the Boxer, but you haven’t seen the ‘realistic’ version of John Lewis’s scenario. Enjoy our Christmas video, put together for a bit of a laugh, but also to convey a deeper message – that church is not just for those who’ve got it ‘all together’ but for ordinary people to know God’s help in their lives.

This is what the Nativity is all about! It tells us how God became human and entered the messy reality of life. No public fanfare or recognition, born in a dirty stable, yes it may well have been littered with animal droppings, as in the video. But he didn’t come for fame or power but to serve us – to stand in our place, and pay our moral debt on the cross, so he could offer acceptance and forgiveness no matter how good or bad we’ve been. This is the mind blowing news of Christmas – almost too crazy to be true – though it would not be much of a story of a religious leader if humans had thought it up!

Enjoy our video!