Message for the Day

  • Message for the Day: Wednesday 8th April

    When Mary anointed Jesus with expensive perfume the disciples thought it was wasteful, but Jesus said she had done a beautiful thing. Jesus’ death seemed wasteful but David tells us why it’s the most beautiful thing that has ever happened.

  • Message for the Day: Tuesday 7th April

    Can judgement be a good thing? Check out Jesus' punchy parable in Matthew 21:33-46 and listen to what Rich has to say to find out.

  • Message for the Day: Monday 6th April

    Jesus stands against empty religion. Coronavirus is testing the reality of our faith; in these trying times, will we keep on trusting God and praying? James tells us why we should.

  • Message for the Day: Saturday 4th April

    Jesus wept over Jerusalem because he knew he would be rejected by the people. He knew they had not recognised the time of God coming to them in Jesus to bring peace and salvation. Let us not reject Jesus but welcome him with joy and pray that others would too.

  • Message for the Day: Friday 3rd April

    The Bible says that love is patient. We are often impatient, but our God is fully loving and fully patient, even when we fail to be.

  • Message for the Day: Thursday 2nd April

    A week or two in self-isolation may not seem so bad for most of us, but it’s much tougher for those in it for the long haul. God’s love is for the long haul. There will never be a moment when he does not love us.