• Is God good? Why is there suffering?

    Short 2-minute video that directly answers the question, "If God is good, why is there suffering and evil?" It shows the character of God and his love for us.

  • Falling Plates

    Watch this viral (4 minute) video about LIFE, DEATH, and the LOVE of a Saviour

  • Essentials Diagram

    A visual presentation of the gospel - the greatest news in the world.

  • Who?

    Jesus asks Peter ‘Who do you say I am?’. Do you think identity is defined by what others make of us? Does it matter how others recognise our identity?

  • Historical Reliability

    Is Mark's story reliable?

  • The Great Exchange

    Jesus stands before a Roman governor, facing the death sentence on trumped up charges. Hostile crowds call for his crucifixion. Yet he refuses to defend himself. Why?

  • A sign of what's coming

    Why does John tell us a story about Jesus solving a catering mishap? If this is what Jesus can do for a party, what could he do for a whole life?

  • James and Jennie's Story - Life, faith, loss and finding hope in life's challenges

    James, our pastor, and his wife Jennie tell their story and talk about life, faith, loss and finding hope in life's challenges.

  • Our stories - Sarah Ward

    Listen to Sarah's story of how she found true satisfaction in Jesus.

  • Our Stories - Amit Sharma

    Amit Sharma, a local GP, shares his experience of growing up in a Hindu family, and what led him to investigate Jesus

  • Real relationship

    Listen to Gareth's story and find out how to have a real relationship with Jesus.

  • Rise and fall, rage and grace

    Listen to Jon's story of how he came to trust in Jesus, through the up's and down's of life.