• How Can We Know Peace?

    Listen as Katherine speaks about the universal longing for peace, and how Jesus meets that need for all who come to him.

  • Georgie's story

    Hear what Georgie has to say about the sure hope she is able to have, despite the strangeness of the first year of her daughter Cassie's life.

  • Who is Jesus?

    Take four minutes to listen as Rich speaks a little about the identity of Jesus, the most talked-about man in history.

  • Sam's story

    Hear Sam speak about how his Christian faith impacts his work as a scientist, and every area of his life!

  • The Bible: Can We Trust It?

    Listen in as David briefly gives some reasons why we can trust the Bible's truthfulness, and shares a little of its central message.

  • Jake's story

    Listen in as Jake speaks about the difference knowing the God who is full of love and justice makes in the face of disappointment.

  • Does God Exist?

    Michael asks, does God exist? Or is this universe all there is?

  • Emily's story

    Listen in as Emily tells us about one of the hardest times in her life, and how she knew God's help, even during the darkness.

  • Lockdown Reflections: Stella's story

    Stella shares how she and her family have found lockdown, and how she has felt encouraged by some of her favourite Bible verses.

  • Is 'being good' good enough?

    Catch up on our Together Again event from 19 June 2020 when we enjoyed some live music and heard from Lee McMunn on whether 'being good' is good enough.

  • Lockdown Reflections: Dorcas' story

    Lockdown has been a strange time in so many ways - hear a little about Dorcas' experience, and how her faith in Jesus has helped her during it.

  • Lockdown Reflections: Julio's story

    Julio shares honestly some of the challenges he and his family have faced through lockdown, but also how they have been finding hope in the knowledge that God never changes.