• Help with Shame

    Listen to Steph speak of her experience of shame, as well as the difference knowing Jesus can make.

  • What is Christianity?

    Who is Jesus? A prophet with a new teaching? A healer to the sick? A saviour to a lost world?

  • War! What Is It There For?

    We all know religion causes war, right?

  • A New Life, A New Hope - Jon's Story

    Hear how Jon went from #atheism to #Christianity, and the differences it has made in his life.

  • Liz's Story - Even in Grief

    "If your philosophy of life has nothing to say at the graveside, it has nothing to say at all."

  • Suffering: How could a good God allow it?

    Why does God allow suffering?

  • Amit's story

    Take three minutes to hear Amit talk about coming to know Jesus, the challenge that presented, and what makes faith in Jesus totally different to any other religion.

  • How Can We Know Peace?

    Listen as Katherine speaks about the universal longing for peace, and how Jesus meets that need for all who come to him.

  • Georgie's story

    Hear what Georgie has to say about the sure hope she is able to have, despite the strangeness of the first year of her daughter Cassie's life.

  • Who is Jesus?

    Take four minutes to listen as Rich speaks a little about the identity of Jesus, the most talked-about man in history.

  • Sam's story

    Hear Sam speak about how his Christian faith impacts his work as a scientist, and every area of his life!

  • The Bible: Can We Trust It?

    Listen in as David briefly gives some reasons why we can trust the Bible's truthfulness, and shares a little of its central message.