Social Media Policy


 Carey Social Media Policy Document


Date of Issue: May 2023

Date of last review: May 2023


Social Media Policy

In addition to e-mail, we use WhatsApp to share information and prayer requests and messages of encouragement among ministry teams, LIFEgroups, men’s and women’s and parents groups.


WhatsApp should not be used for deeper discussions and longer messages, as face-to-face engagement is preferable to social media. Posts which are not appropriate, which are coercive or bullying in nature, or which are not in keeping with the church’s Doctrinal Basis, or theological or ethical distinctives, will be deleted by those with Admin rights in the Whatsapp groups. If you are unsure about a post, ask those with Admin rights for guidance. WhatsApp groups which are unhelpful in maintaining unity in the church may be shut down. While one or more church members or attendees may set up a private WhatsApp group, please do not create a new official ‘Carey’ WhatsApp group without first speaking to the Office, who will have a list of all official WhatsApp groups.


Please be aware that if you join one or more WhatsApp groups your number will be visible to other users. You can remove yourself from any group at any time.


Please do not privately contact other members in a given WhatsApp group (or via other social media platforms) unless you have established an initial in-person point of contact with them (this would typically be via a conversation on a Sunday morning, or at a LIFEgroup or other ministry).


From time to time, youth ministry leaders may wish to set up a WhatsApp group with young people in Year 9 and above. Under these circumstances, parents will be consulted and will be also free to join the group. There will be at least two youth leaders and two parents on the group as a matter of course to monitor conversations for safeguarding purposes.


Social media other than Whatsapp should not be used for communication within ministry teams, and whilst we do have a church Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account, these are closely monitored by a pastor, and unsuitable messages are deleted and users blocked if necessary.


This social media policy will be reviewed annually and we’ll inform you of any changes. It should be read in conjunction with Carey’s other safeguarding policies.