About Us

Carey Baptist Church is named after William Carey (1761-1834) who is often referred to as the father of modern missions, and so it is fitting that, as a church, we are committed to identifying, training, sending out, and supporting mission partners.


Over the years as a church we have sent out many members on both long-term and short-term mission assignments to various countries of the world, and to be involved in mission and evangelism in the UK. We support our partners in prayer, pastoral and practical support. Our partners are allocated a link person or couple, whose role it is to ensure that the church is kept informed about the mission partner and, importantly, that the mission partner is kept informed about what is happening at Carey


We seek to raise awareness of, interest in, and support for mission with our congregation. This is done through a varied programme of mission meetings throughout the year, an annual mission focus, keeping in touch with our mission partners and promoting opportunitiies for members to experience mission locally and globally, short-term or on-going.


Mission partners are allocated a link person or couple, whose role it is to ensure that the church is kept informed about the mission partner and, importantly, that the mission partner is kept informed about what is happening at Carey.


Click here to see Carey’s Mission Statement.


Current Mission Partners

  • David & Bertha Barnes

    Link Person: Mark & Maryalis Richardson

    David and Bertha are with UFM. David oversees theological training in centres around Peru, including Lima, the Amazon & The Andes. David is also involved in local church leadership.

  • Malcolm & Juls Clegg

    Link Person: Katherine Hillcoat

    Malcolm and Juls have been involved in mission and ministry in eastern Europe with The Navigators for over 35 years.

    Malcolm coordinates Central Eurasian Partners (CEP), a network of indigenous mission-oriented ministries. Malcolm and Juls are also involved in discipleship and counselling, and they travel widely around the region from Kazakhstan and Ukraine in the east, to Bulgaria in the south.

  • Paul and Susie Chatfield

    Link Person: Richard and Sian Webb

    Paul and Susie are serving together in the International Church of Torino pastoring the church trying to establish it for the long-term with a special interest in apologetics at the university too.

  • Daniel and Ellie Caballero

    Link Person: Brian & Valerie Worsley

    Daniel is Peruvian, serving with Grace Baptist Mission and UFM. He is married to Ellie and they are now based in Belfast where Daniel is studying for a PhD. He is also developing his preaching ministry and oversees the translation of theological books into Spanish.

  • Lizzie White

    Link Person: Caroline Davies & Susanna Clarke

    Lizzie is a water engineer working with a team from SIM in the Andes on various community projects. Lizzie oversees water-related projects in remote villages as part of the team’s gospel outreach.

  • Michael and Steph

    in Eurasia

    Link Person: Jon & Lauren Murray

    Michael and Steph are serving with UFM in Eurasia in evangelism, apologetics, and psychological support to refugees.

  • Robin & Muno Asgher

    Link Person: Chris & June Pritchett

    Robin is the pastor of Cranford Baptist Church near Heathrow. He is married to Muno and they have two children, Rohan and Myra. The church is in a predominantly Asian community. Robin is also a chaplain in two immigration centres.

  • Alison

    Link Person: Caroline Davies

    Alison is a GP working in Reading, who helps co-ordinate the medical outreach of OM India through clinics across India and nursing training in Hyderabad.

  • Evair and Fiona Cordova

    Link Person: Graham and Catherine Machin

    Evair and Fiona have lived for the last few years in Peru. Evair is Peruvian and Fiona is British. They have been accepted by EMF to serve in Spain, in a church in the city of Alcazar de San Juan, and will be involved in discipleship and working with young people, in addition Evair will serve in preaching, teaching, evangelism and in strengthening the local Churches in the region.


  • Elinor Magowan

    Elinor is a Women’s Ministry Coordinator for the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC)

  • Noah Parker

    Link Person: Nigel Tomsett

    Noah is currently spending a year at the Message School of Evangelism in Manchester, training in evangelism. He will be undertaking several placements, including the possibility of going overseas, and will be involved with schools, community projects and street evangelism across the UK.


Carey also supports members in short-term mission. If you are a church member who is interested in short-term opportunities, please read our short-term mission policy which can be found in the members section.



Other partner organisations

As a church we have additional ongoing prayerful interest and connections with a number of other mission organisations. These are:


AsiaLink  – The power of Jesus to transform every Asian life


Caring For Life – making a real difference – for life


Christian Institute – Christian influence in a secular world


Friends International  –  Outreach to international students at Reading University – Friends International is an evangelical mission agency equipping churches to reach out to these international students across the UK. David Hubbard is working with Friends International as Centre Team Leader in Reading.


OAM – good news on the streets


Open Doors: Carey is an Open Doors partner church. Open Doors works in over 60 countries, supplying Bibles, training church leaders, providing practical support and emergency relief, and supporting Christians who suffer for their faith.


Reach  –  Pastoral and RE support for schools: encouraging Christian Union (CU) groups and providing RE support in Reading and West Berkshire


SASRA – The soldiers and aviators scripture readers association.


South Central Gospel Partnership – SCGP is a group of Evangelical churches in the south central region of England working together to promote the gospel of Christ.


TORCH – A helping hand from local churches


UBM – sharing the good news of Jesus


UCCF: The Christian Unions  –  with specific support for Zac Powell


UCM – Taking the gospel to every community, meeting their material needs and equipping Ukrainians for a brighter future.


Yeldall – Recovery for life: Drug and alcohol recovery centre, Sustainable Christian Recovery