About Us

Carey Baptist Church is named after William Carey (1761-1834) who is often referred to as the father of modern missions, and so it is fitting that, as a church, we are committed to identifying, training, sending out, and supporting mission partners.

Over the years as a church we have sent out many members on both long-term and short-term mission assignments to various countries of the world, and to be involved in mission and evangelism in the UK.

We have a Mission Committee that exists to encourage awareness of, interest in, and support for mission within the congregation. This is done through a varied programme of mission meetings throughout the year and an annual Mission Sunday. The Mission Committee also co-ordinates personal, prayer, pastoral and practical support for the church’s mission partners.

Mission partners are allocated a link person or couple, whose role it is to ensure that the church is kept informed about the mission partner and, importantly, that the mission partner is kept informed about what is happening at Carey.

Our current mission partners are:

  • David & Bertha Barnes

    Theological Training with UFM in Lima, Peru

    Link Person: Mark & Maryalis Richardson

    David and Bertha are with UFM.  David oversees theological training in centres around Peru, including Lima, the Amazon & The Andes. David is also involved in local church leadership.

  • Daniel and Ellie Caballero

    Theological education and Bible ministry with UFM in Lima, Peru

    Link Person: Brian & Valerie Worsley

    Daniel is Peruvian, serving with Grace Baptist Mission and UFM. Daniel blogs on theological issues and oversees the translation of theological books into Spanish. Daniel and Ellie live currently in Ireland where Daniel is getting involved in church planting.

  • Paul Chatfield

    International Church Pastor with UFM in Turin, Italy

    Link Person: Richard Webb

    Paul spent a number of years working with in Turin, Italy, discipling Christian students and reaching out through apologetics to students and the wider society. He recently completed a Masters in Psychology at Oxford, and has now returned to Turin to begin work as the pastor of the International Church of Torino.

  • Robin & Muno Asgher

    Pastor in Cranford

    Link Person: Chris & June Pritchett

    Robin is the pastor of Cranford Baptist Church near Heathrow. He is married to Muno and they have two children, Rohan and Myra. The church reaches out to a predominantly Asian community. Robin also works part-time as a chaplain at two immigration detention centres near Heathrow Airport.

  • Malcolm & Juls Clegg

    with CEP in Wroclaw, Poland

    Link Person: Katherine Hillcoat

    Malcolm and Juls have been involved in mission and ministry in eastern Europe with The Navigators for over 35 years. Malcolm coordinates Central Eurasian Partners (CEP), a network of indigenous mission- oriented ministries. Malcolm and Juls are also involved in discipleship and counselling, and they travel widely around the region from Kazakhstan and Ukraine in the east, to Bulgaria in the south.

  • Alison

    Doctor with OM in Hyderabad, India

    Link Person: Caroline Davies

    Alison is a GP who spends 6-9 months of the year in India with OM (Good Shepherd). She trains nurses and community health workers in the city of Hyderabad, helps direct OM’s medical and human trafficking work, and runs clinics for lower caste Dalits. Alison is also developing better healthcare provision in the state of Rajasthan.

  • Lizzie White

    Water Engineer with SIM in Abancay, Peru

    Link Person: Caroline Davies

    Lizzie is a water engineer working with a team from SIM in the Andes on various community projects. She is learning the Quechua language. Lizzie oversees water-related projects in remote villages as part of the team’s gospel outreach.

  • Elinor Magowan

    Women’s Ministry Coordinator with FIEC

    Link Person:

    Elinor is a Women’s Ministry Coordinator for the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC)

  • Charles Hart

    Mission Appointee (Peru) with UFM in North Carolina, USA

    Link Person: Graham Machin

    Charles is a mission appointee with UFM and hopes to be involved in theological training in Peru. Currently he is doing Masters studies at RTS in North Carolina and makes occasional trips to Peru.

Carey also provides regular financial support to:

Carey also supports members in short-term mission. If you are a church member who is interested in short-term opportunities, please read our short-term mission policy which can be found in the members section.